Welcome to the hotel where everything is subordinated to your winning mentality, business, sports and personal life.

The air-conditioned rooms, poolside or in the shade of pine trees, newly renovated space in the Mediterranean inspiring environment is customizable to your needs, from a business meeting to a discreet reception, conference or banquet. High level of service guarantee four stars what you and your business partners provide ideal conditions for work, relaxation and fun.

Let us be part of your winning team. To make your presentation, seminar or business gathering an event to remember, we are offering our professional and friendly staff to help you in the organization.

Accommodation of participants, organization of thematic evenings, team building and celebrations are our specialty, and our rooms are adaptable to every need and the number of participants.

Congress Halls
Olympia Hall

It is intended for the organization of major conferences, congresses and concerts. Equipped with modern audiovisual equipment. There is a possibility to adjust the stage and booth for simultaneous translations. It can also function as a sports hall with trim room along with the exercise equipment in the wellness center, intended preparation of athletes.

Atena Hall

The cozy atmosphere, natural light and views of the outdoor pool and the pine trees provide long stay while maintaining concentration.

In the immediate vicinity is the cocktail bar which provides an opportunity for serving food and drinks in breaks or organizing after events. Suitable for lectures and presentations or exclusive meetings where the important decisions are made.

Artemida Hall

The shape of the hall provides variety of combinations of chairs and the stage - adjustable for different participants.

Functions as a smaller hall for banquets. It is possible to organize reception of guests, exhibitions or food and drink during breaks.

SKY Halls

All rooms are equipped with latest audio-visual equipment. They have natural light and blackout curtains. Lobby Hall (90 m2) can serve as an exhibition space or as an ideal place for a coffee break.

Aqua Hall

Can be divided into two smaller halls. 16+24 seats, 105 m2 surface

Riva Hall

120 m2 surface; 112 seats

Delta Hall

New Delta Hall in Olympia Sky brings business presentations into a new level. It is an amphitheatre equipped with the most modern audio-visual equipment but it is also a unique hall that combines modern design and latest technology with natural environment and beautiful Mediterranean surroundings. A place to present yourself in the best light and to fullfill your business dreams.

147 m2 surface; 98 fix +24 movable seats