The Story of Olive

According to the Greek mythology olive tree was created as a gift from Gods from Mount Olympus. By creating the olive tree, goddess Athena gave firewood, food and the cure.

For thousands of years the inhabitants of the Mediterranean called it the “mother feeder” and the Mediterranean gold.

The olive tree is a symbol of peace, wisdom, knowledge, health and longevity. 

During the last ten years we planted more than five hundred olive trees around the hotel, and in autumn 2012 we harvested olives for the first time. The trees are still young, but we take special care of them and in this way we keep our traditions and connection with the nature.

Olympia is proud to present you The story of olive – various dishes, treatments and products with olives.

Experience the wealth of nature and fruits of this mythical tree that we proudly bear as our symbol and protector.

Follow our olive story and discover all the values of this "Mediterranean Gold". Olive oil and olives can be found in our dishes, cakes, treatments, souvenirs, and you can discover the delight of harvesting fruits in the tourist excursions we can organize for you.