The new look of Olympia Hotel! !

Get ready for a fusion of modern aesthetics and eternal charm that will enchant you in the renovated Garden and Sky restaurant. The new design of the restaurant combines natural elements and contemporary elegance, creating a pleasant atmosphere where you will feel relaxed. The harmonious combination of the vitality of nature and sumptuous luxury makes the design of the restaurant special. Carefully selected designer furniture adds a touch of sophisticated pleasure, providing you with an aesthetically appealing and relaxing experience. Be among the first to experience the new era of the Garden and Olympia restaurants! Enrich your stay with us and enjoy top culinary innovation and wonderful ambience.

But that is not all! Exciting changes are coming to our lobby as well!  While sipping an aperitif before your meal, you will enjoy the new, modern space. Olympia lobby got a new face, a combination of luxury and nature. As in the new restaurant, wood, marble and glass combine to give warmth and spaciousness.

The outdoor pools and environment have also undergone a complete transformation for the 2024 season, providing you with an even more comfortable and luxurious stay at Olympia Hotels. Get ready for a whole new level of relaxation and fun! From new amenities to landscaping, the renovated pools will create a peaceful oasis where you can relax and enjoy the sun.

Every detail has been carefully selected to give you the greatest amount of satisfaction with a perfect blend of tradition and modern design.

Follow our news and be ready to be amazed by the Olympia makeover!

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